Having Issues?

Our team is here to help!

At Creative Canvas we strive for complete transparency, and make great efforts to be 100% open with you. Below is a list of common resources you can use to help troubleshoot your websites. We are more than happy to assist with any issues that may arise, but we encourage our clients to be brave and learn to master their websites.

  • Did you try to Google the issue?

    Millions of users are actively using WordPress and the plugins within your website every day. Many issues can be easily solved by Googling the issue. Click here and give it a try. If you are still not finding an answer, please let us know!

  • Do I have a website manual?

    We have added our WordPress Walkthrough to our site, so there’s no need to worry about reading an out-of-date manual.

  • The7 theme?

    The7 theme and WordPress make a great team. Check out their amazing online user guide! Click Here

  • Having issues with Visual Composer?

    Have you checked their support forum? This is full of great information. Click Here