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Full-Solution WordPress Website Services

From the initial consultation to project completion, our team ensures that clients’ needs are met quickly, efficiently, and within budget. Our designers utilize the most up-to-date, high-quality design trends along with the latest innovative technologies. The marketing and branding expertise of our SEO-trained content writers secures a web presence that brings traffic to your site and alleviates the time-consuming task of writing copy. Our team streamlines project management, which allows clients to follow along with each phase of the design process.

Creative Canvas provides total transparency to our customers. We provide clients an understanding of all recommendations and purchased services. Our special breakdown of services and a complete lack of hidden fees gives clients the comfort of an estimate they can trust.

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Pictogram icons of various website upgrade options

Discovery & Strategy Planning

In order to build an effective website, we need to learn what your business does, how it makes sales, who’s its major competition, and, most importantly, your goals, both short and long-term. Our four-phase discovery process will help outline your roadmap to success and create a strategy for your business to generate leads and increase overall sales.

Website Design & Development

Our design goal is to create websites whose layout is stylish, well-organized, extremely user-friendly, and communicates clearly with its viewer. Our developers utilize industry-leading software that is easy to use and simplifies workflow. Websites are designed to showcase the clients they serve so that web traffic returns, sales increase, and overall web presence expands. When combined with the additional services we offer, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), monthly site maintenance, and eCommerce support, Creative Canvas’ web design takes businesses to the next level.
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Search Engine Optimization

A well-designed website without SEO is like building a billboard miles away from the interstate. Simply put, SEO considers how search engines work by analyzing the algorithms dictating search engine behavior. Optimizing a website involves editing or adding content to increase keywords relevant to online searches and removing barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Creative Canvas specialists use their SEO expertise to move your website into the spotlight. Though SEO has a larger up-front cost compared to paid advertising, it requires a lower monthly budget to maintain and its benefits pay off in the long term.

Website Integrations

Pick and choose the integrations you want on your new website.


Interactive Map

Event Calendar

Newsletter Signup


Live Chat

& Much More

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Paid Advertising & Marketing

Paid online advertising tends to have more of a short-term effect on sales compared to that of SEO, but online advertising has been proven to quickly generate new business. Based on thorough online market research, our ad developers write advertising copy that entices visitors and ensures that clients’ budget is well spent.

Website Hosting & Maintenance

Our monthly care packages help maintain optimum website performance. Services include:
  • maintenance updates
  • site software backup
  • ongoing SEO
  • VPS (virtual private server) or cloud-based hosting
  • uptime and security monitoring
  • server side caching
  • site speed testing and adjustments
  • ongoing content updates (such as blogs and newsletters)
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Pictogram icons of various website upgrade options

Website Content Writing Services

Website content can make or break a visitor’s experience with a website. It’s critical that what you do and how you do it comes across clearly to anyone visiting your site. Creative Canvas content writers work with clients on professional bios, mission statements, descriptions of services and products, blog and social media posts, newsletters, and advertisements. Writing content is extremely time consuming and tricky. The right words matter. So let our seasoned writers deliver engaging copy that’s on-point with your voice and business ethos. Compelling content personalizes you and your business and showcases the expertise and talent that makes you and your company unique.
Client Logo - Kathy's Pies cake, cookie, and pie delivery service
Creative Canvas helped develop a mobile friendly e-commerce product catalog website for Kathy’s Pies that allowed customers to view and easily filter their seasonal items & specials. Our new website redesign also made it much easier for Kathy and her staff to make basic updates on their own, eliminating their previous concerns of not being able to make updates in a timely fashion.