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We have no secrets. Here’s everything you need to know about our pricing.

Our hourly rate is only...

$70 per hour

We bill our clients in 15 minute increments. This applies to changes or additional work after your website is launched, etc. Ask about our support packages for hourly rate discounts.

Start initial planning with our...

FREE consultation session

Theres no point in partnering with a designer until you get to know them. In our free consultation you can find out if you like working with us. You’ll end up with many great ideas, a plan that you can take anywhere, and a proposal.

We like budgets greater than

$2500 to $10,000 or more

We do websites for less, but prefer a budget that allows us enough time to do what we are known for… building amazing relationships and incredibly successful websites. This is split up into 3 payments.

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Try our free consultation & you will love us.

Don’t risk thousands of dollars working with someone who isn’t a good fit.

Discovery & Planning

This is how we usually spend the 4 hours…

Focus 1: Your Business

In order to build an effective website, we need to learn what your business does, what business goals you have, who your major competition is, what your current sales process is. We do a great job at getting familiar with your business.

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Focus 2: Your Target Groups

We will help you figure out who all of your customers or target groups are, what their needs are, and then we will help you determine how to best structure your pages and site menu so it meets their needs and accomplishes your goals.

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Focus 3: Your Competitors

We take time to review your competitors’ websites, branding, google rankings, and more. We take a look at what tactics and strategies they use, and talk about the different things they are doing right and wrong. We will also figure out if your branding is helping or hurting your business from standing out.

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Focus 4: Tactics & Strategies

We will talk about various internet marketing options and will discuss a proper strategy for your business. Once we have a strategy figured out, we will map out the menu structure for your website.

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Final Session: Figuring Out the Right Price

In our final session, we will work together in pricing out the project real-time. We will help you find the right balance between features and price so we can get started with your website project. We will also discuss the terms of our agreement to work together to ensure we both have a clear understanding of our roles in the project.

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Trust means everything to us.

We hope it’s important to you too.

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